Pioneer Serato Controller DDJ SB2 Entry-Level DJ Controller

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When you first get into deejaying, you will be comfortable with an entry-level DJ controller with limited features. The Serato DJ controller virtual DJ-based controller is effective but easy to operate. However, you may need a bit getting used to this equipment, so here, we take you on a walk-through of the basic features and what you can do with them. You can watch this interesting video to get an even clearer picture.

The Pioneer DJ Controller DDJ SB2 has the basic features that can help you learn to become a pro. So, let’s take a look at what this DJ mixer controller has to offer.

Pioneer Serato DJ Controller DDJ SB2 Entry-Level DJ Controller

Hit the top 4 rubber pads to trigger Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler. The DDJ-SB2 features large, low-latency jog wheels to give you great scratch response and accuracy.


Basic Features Of The Pioneer DJ Controller DDJ SB2

Starting right off, you don’t have to buy any separate software, because this DJ mixer controller comes with Serato DJ Intro software. Although you can use this free version for as long as you like, you can upgrade to the full version later on, if you would like the benefit of some additional features.

FX Section

This DJ controller, virtual DJ software-based, has some really cool special effects that you can play around with. There is an FX section for each channel. You can mix in special effects through three buttons and can vary them through the knob provided on each FX section. However, the number of effects are only limited to six, and you can only use them on channels one and two.     “High Pass,” “Low Pass,” “Flanger,” “Phaser,” “Echo,” and “Reverb” are the effects that you can get.

Jog Wheels

The jog wheels are quite simple but large and chunky enough to manipulate easily. This is especially useful if you want to do some old-school scritchy-scratchy vinyl record stuff. If you are a new deejay, it is good to start with this to get a feel of the console. There is even a filter which prevents the track from going out of sync when you scratch. So, have fun with all the different scratch effects and do a little bit of experimenting!

Performance Pad Section

Compared to other models, the performance pad section of this Serato DJ controller virtual DJ software-based has quite a lot to offer. Although there are only four buttons in this section, it’s possible to cue your tracks, use samplers, and access your library, all in real-time from these buttons.

You can also hone your manual looping skills from this section, which is one of the first things that a new DJ needs to do. You will also find the “shift” button on this section quite handy, to toggle between different effects and features.

Below the first row of performance pad buttons is a row of four “pad trans” effect buttons. The pad trans buttons are crucial in that they cut the sound on and off rapidly. A particular button will only be active when you press it, which is cool because you can observe the effect instantly.

With the pad trans buttons, you can set “cue points” in your soundtrack. Once done, that particular point in the track will be repeated. Additional audio samples can be downloaded as well and stored in the memory of the pad trans section. Once done, you can create a “crate” with as many as 16 different sound samples which you can access whenever you want. So, this feature is something worth trying out as well.

Mixer Section  

The mixer section contains the usual volume faders and Crossfaders, with filter and trim knobs and three-band equalizer controls. But that’s enough mumbo-jumbo! What do all these do? Well, the mixer section of any DJ controller is the heart of the console which gives you absolute control of the music you are playing.

Each channel has volume faders, which enable you to control the volume of each channel individually. In the place of a Crossfader, this DJ controller has a “filter fade” slider. Once you activate it, you can transition smoothly from one channel to the next by moving the slider.

The filter, trim, and equalizer knobs are controls that will alter the way the music sounds in terms of tone and depth. You can also filter off noise or use it to add to the effect, depending on what kind of effect you are looking for. Therefore, you will find more and more to do as you explore the possibilities in this part of the mixer section.


  • Highly portable
  • Suitable for house and club parties
  • Highly responsive, low latency jog wheels
  • One-handed, effortless mixing
  • Five-LED channel level meters
  • Compatible with Serato DJ and upgradable to the full version


  • Jog wheels do not light up
  • Rear USB port not convenient for laptop positioning
  • Not a stand-alone unit – needs to run on specific software

Our Final Thoughts On The Pioneer DJ Mixer Controller

The Serato DJ controller virtual dj displays a typical DJ club layout. A reliable, portable option if you play clubs, bars, and house parties. If you are a new DJ, but you want to explore new possibilities and perhaps start trying out your music in small groups, the Pioneer DDJ SB2 is a good choice.

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