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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX
  • Dual waveform display
  • Beat perfect
  • More creative freedom
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Pioneer DJ XDJ RX2
  • 7-Inch large touch screen and other features from the CDJ-2000NXS2
  • Layout and performance features from the DJM-900NXS2
  • Multicolored performance pads
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Pioneer: CD player DJ System CDJ 350
  • Pioneer CDJ-350 CDJ-350 Digital Multi Player
  • A well known brand
  • Highly recommended
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Pioneer: CD Player DJ System CDJ 800
  • Enables a track to return instantly again and again to a cue point just by pressing the surface of the Jog Wheel
  • Wide Pitch Control
  • Uses 4 timing buttons to instantly create perfect 1, 2, 4, or 8 beat loops
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Pioneer: CD Player DJ System CDJ900NXS
  • Full color LCD screen with improved browsing and track information
  • Compatible with rekordbox™ music management software
  • Highly evolved features including a new Beat Divide function
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Pioneer: CD Player DJ System CDJ 2000-NXS
  • Industry's first DJ player with Wi-Fi source connectivity
  • Free rekordbox music management software included
  • Redesigned 6.1-Inch full color LCD display with new graphic user interface
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A Viable Standalone Solution – Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX

Pioneer XDJ-RX Standalone DJ System

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX is an all-in-one standalone unit. You can leave your laptop behind and happily go to the show. For the price, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX is worth every dime, as you will see further on. The library search feature could be a bit more developed, but with a whole load of other features, it more than makes up for it.

The built-in screen is one example of the handy features offered by the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX. This DJ controller makes it possible to get into any DJ booth with a “plug n’ play” approach. Once you enter the DJ booth, you just plug in, power up, and get rolling. Talk about making an impressive entry!

The Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX uses Rekordbox software. However, the controller is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. You get a comprehensive Rekordbox library, which provides you with some great backup tracks whenever required.

Coming to the mixer section, you get only two channels, but you can receive analog or digital inputs as required. You can also get some interesting effects from “Color FX,” and you can try a few permutations and combinations for impressive results. Having a built-in screen is a convenient facility, as you can keep an eye on the sound, even if you aren’t listening in at the time. The jog wheels are quite chunky and easy to handle. You will find lots to do with them once you start trying them out.

In retrospect, the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX is something that you could seriously think of opting for if you are considering getting into some serious DJ-ing. Comparable with professional DJ consoles, you can depend on this DJ mixer controller to transport you into mainstream DJ-ing.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX

All-in-one, rekordbox compatible DJ system with large, dual-deck screen and club-standard layout. The next generation, all-in-one DJ solutions that inherits the DNA from our club standard set-up.


The Ultimate Standalone Solution – Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2


If you want to go one step ahead of the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX, then they have the answer for you! Yes, Pioneer DJ XDJ RX2 is a development on the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX with a few added features, and of course, considerably more expense involved. However, in case you are willing to spend a bit more, then you won’t be disappointed.

What is striking about the appearance of the Pioneer DJ XDJ RX2 is the excellent performance pads. Instead of four, there are eight buttons on this section. Moreover, you will get a better feel of the buttons, as they are more responsive and much softer to the touch.

The seven-inch monitor is equipped with a QWERTY search pad. The DJ XDJ-RX2 can be played directly from a USB flash drive, eliminating the need to depend on a laptop. You can play audio files on MP3, WAV, WAV, and AIFF format with this DJ controller.

We would like to conclude by saying that you should not consider the Pioneer DJ XDJ RX2 as a viable upgrade if you already have a Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX. However, if you only have a basic model and want to enter into semi-professional and professional DJ-ing, the Pioneer DJ XDJ RX2 will help you on your way.

Pioneer DJ XDJ RX2

7-Inch large touch screen and other features from the CDJ-2000NXS2. Great layout and performance with multicolored performance pads.


Get Great Digital Backup With Pioneer CD Player DJ Systems

The role of a disc jockey used to revolve around manipulating vinyl discs on a couple of record players or “platters.” Although you can still get such equipment or equipment that emulates this principle, the primary input device today is the CD player DJ system. Here are a few Pioneer CD player DJ systems that are available in the market today:

Pioneer CD player System CDJ 350

Pioneer DJ CDJ 350

This basic model is not as flashy as the later ones from Pioneer. However, this device puts out a surprisingly impressive quality of sound, and once you get going with it, you will forget about its lack of aesthetics. It is quite versatile in that you can mix using three different methods: “old school” vinyl, audio CD, and MP3. To simplify the process, you can use a USB flash drive.

Pioneer CD player DJ System CDJ 350

Produces impressive sound quality, versatile because you can mix using three different methods.


Pioneer CD Player System CDJ 800

Pioneer CD Player DJ System CDJ 800

You will find this CD player an affordable upgrade for the CDJ 350 with some cool features. You get a precise pitch adjust, and you will enjoy cueing in the vinyl mode. Looping is also an easy option, and you can slow down or speed up tracks with ease, creating some impressive special effects. All-in-all the CDJ 350 CD player is simple to use but highly functional.

Pioneer CD Player System CDJ 800

Enables a track to return instantly again and again to a cue point just by pressing the surface of the Jog Wheel Wide Pitch Control. With auto beat loop.


Pioneer CD Player System CDJ900NXS

Pioneer CD Player DJ System CDJ900NXS

This CD player by Pioneer is a good-looking one, with its ample color screen and Nexus connectivity. It has a lot of the functionality of the more recent model, the CDJ 2000-NXS. You get responsive streaming Wi-Fi, and for the price, it is a good buy. The CDJ900NXS is a suitable device for a DJ to keep at home for use in house parties.

You can use the unit with Android and iOS devices and also with laptops. Of course, Wi-Fi provides additional internet connectivity as well. Backlit buttons and knobs that look great and feel great give you an exceptional mixing experience. It’s not the CDJ 2000-NXS, but it still serves the purpose quite well.

Pioneer CD Player System CDJ900NXS

Full color LCD screen with improved browsing and track information. Wi-Fi and USB connectivity with smart devices.


Pioneer CD Player System CDJ 2000-NXS

Pioneer CD Player DJ System CDJ 2000-NXS

Finally, we get to write about Pioneer’s flagship model, the Pioneer CDJ 2000-NXS. This model reads CDs, USB flash drives, and SD cards. It is popularly used in clubs and on stage at festivals. It also has Nexus capability. This means that up to four CD players can be hooked up using a single DJ library, and it can be comfortably hooked up with other Pioneer mixer controllers as well. Hence, this CD player DJ system is exceptionally versatile and delivers amazing results.

You can use Android and iOS devices with this unit. The large LCD screen, smooth pitch fader, and chunky jog wheel all add to the functionality of this player, thus justifying the price.

While in use, the LCD screen tells you everything you need to know. The colors have good contrast, and navigation is a breeze. You will enjoy the smooth touch of the knobs and buttons, giving you absolute control over what you do with the sound. However, you need to know what you are doing to be able to play around with this baby!

Pioneer CD Player DJ System CDJ 2000-NXS

Industry's first DJ player with Wi-Fi source connectivity. Free rekordbox music management software included.


Pioneer CD Player System CDJ 2000-NXS2

Pioneer CD Player DJ System CDJ 2000-NXS2

The truth of the pudding is in the eating, and what a pudding we’ve got here! The Pioneer CDJ 2000-NXS2 is a class of its own, created to cater to the high-end requirements of pro DJs. You have to be into some serious DJ-ing to opt for this high-end model from Pioneer.

The CDJ 2000-NXS2 has all the features of its predecessor, the CDJ 2000-NXS, with some more added with inputs from top DJs. One of the improvements is the addition of a clipping indicator. This puts an automatic control on the levels without having to keep an eagle eye on the VU meters.

This CD player has rows and rows of crossfaders, knobs, and buttons that, to put it simply, allow you to spread your wings as a DJ. This is truly a player for “big boy” DJs.

Pioneer CD Player System CDJ 2000-NXS2

Professional club standard Multi Player supports USB, SD card, CD, and DJ software. Large full-color LCD touch screen and fast track selection.


Explore The Intriguing Concept Of Pioneer DJ Wallpaper

Other than the loads of hardware that Pioneer has to offer, another lesser known but cool product that is doing the rounds is Pioneer DJ wallpaper. If you are a DJ and DJ-ing is your life and soul, what better way to express yourself than by using Pioneer DJ wallpaper on your screens?

Where To Find Pioneer: DJ wallpaper

Although this isn’t actually a Pioneer product, there are several online sites where you can download Pioneer DJ wallpaper for your screens. Here is a list of some of the websites that offer exciting wallpapers with a backdrop of DJs and Pioneer equipment:

  • Wallpapercave.com
  • Getwallpapers.com
  • Wallpapersafari.com
  • Wallpaperplay.com
  • Stmed.net

Of course, these sites are not only dedicated to providing Pioneer DJ wallpaper. However, when you browse through these sites, you will see some attractive images that you can download and use on your desktops to set the mood.

You will also find many other sites that advertise Pioneer DJ wallpaper. However, exercise caution while downloading this sort of file from unknown websites, because some of the files could contain malware and viruses. In any case, it is a good idea to do a scan on any data that you download before using it, just to be on the safe side.

We hope you have benefitted from reading this article. There is so much that you can do in the exciting world of DJ-ing, and armed with the right information, nothing can stop you from making your audience dance to your tunes!

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