Pioneer DJ has long been one of the most recognized brands for DJ equipment, and they have a diverse selection to choose from, no matter what kind of DJ you might be. In this article, we’ll discuss which Pioneer DJ setup will work best for different DJ types, styles, and budgets.

The 6 Types Of DJs

If you’re surprised, yes, there are actually different types of DJs. Technically, the term DJ has expanded to describe anyone who plays and mixes recorded music for an audience. So whether it’s at a packed nightclub, at a wedding reception, or at a radio booth, each DJ uses a variety of equipment to entertain people with his musical creativity.

Here’s a brief (and incomplete) list of the types of DJs:

  1. Bedroom DJs – This includes anyone who’s just starting to learn how to DJ (usually in his bedroom, hence the term), as well as those who’ve developed their skills enough to mix music at house parties.
  2. Mobile DJs – The unsung heroes of the DJ scene, as they provide music and entertainment at corporate events, wedding celebrations, proms, and more.
  3. Club DJs – From small underground digs to huge festival arenas, no dance floor will be complete without a club DJ mixing the beats.
  4. Scratch DJs – Also called turntablists, these guys stretch the limits of their creativity and dexterity in scratching records, usually in competitions.
  5. Radio DJs – Anyone manning the booth at the radio station to cue up songs, ads, and talking bits is also a DJ.
  6. Music producers – Someone has to put new music together from various samples, instruments, and sounds, and a few even remix other artists’ tracks.

Given that the last two typically require a lot more equipment not directly related to music, we’ll only cover Pioneer DJ setups for the first four.

Bedroom DJ: Pioneer DJ SB3


Every DJ starts somewhere, and for most, that’s his very own bedroom. For complete novices to the art of DJ-ing, an entry-level compact DJ controller is ideal, as you’ll get introduced to all the requisite controls and software features you’ll need to learn. Moreover, DJ controllers combine all the essential features of mixers and turntables into a single device, so you can start learning on just one piece of equipment.

The Pioneer DJ SB3 is perfect for aspiring DJs to begin nurturing their talents, as its layout matches those of more professional gear while still being easy to navigate. The Pioneer DJ SB3 comes with Serato DJ Lite, which includes a Tutorial mode to get you started on the right foot. This can later be upgraded to the Serato DJ Pro, one of the most preferred DJ software used by pros.

Pioneer DJ SB3

Intuitive layout, all of the features were designed to be where you need them and when you need them. Mixing is seamless with the FX Fade feature.


Mobile DJ: Pioneer DDJ-SX3

Pioneer DDJ-SX3

When you need someone to take charge of the music for an entire event, you’ll want to get a good mobile DJ who can bring not just music equipment, but also lights and even fog machines as well. For this reason, mobile DJs will need a lot more gear that have to be portable enough to transport in a single vehicle.

Nearly all event DJs use full-featured DJ controllers as these reduce the number of machines and cables needed, which is exactly what Pioneer DJ designed the DDJ-SX3 for. It has three mic inputs with individual FX settings to connect hosts, singers, and guest speakers with the rest of your rig. You can also connect two computers at once to make changeovers smoother. Plus, you can easily expand it with additional CDJs or turntables, making it an ideal central device for your mobile DJ booth.

Pioneer DDJ-SX3

With dual USB imports, three mic inputs with one in front. Four sound color FX.


Club DJ: Pioneer DJ SZ2

Pioneer DJ SZ2

The biggest names in the DJ scene can perhaps be categorized as club DJs, as they’re like rock stars on a mission to amaze crowds with their hype sets. Most will often only bring flash drives containing their music library when performing at a gig, as the venue typically provides the assortment of mixers and decks needed. Of course, to get to that point, you’d still need gear to prep your Pioneer DJ setups on beforehand.

Nothing will prepare you for the professional club scene better than a DJ controller sporting all the features of heavier rigs. The Pioneer DJ SZ2 for Serato DJ Pro is an upgrade of the brand’s popular flagship series, offering improved build quality, more responsive platters and triggers, and even more advanced features. The Pioneer DJ SZ2 is packed with everything you’d want in a high-end rig, and despite its size, it’s portable enough to bring with you if you prefer performing with gear you’re familiar with.

Pioneer DJ SZ2

With dual USB ports. Provides clear and powerful sound. Native control of Serato DJ.


Scratch DJ: Pioneer PLX-1000 + DJM-S9

Pioneer PLX-1000

Scratch DJs or turntablists often traverse the more traditional paths for DJs with vinyl records, direct-drive turntables, and analog mixers. When you’ve got your eyes set on competing in this arena, you’ll want the best Pioneer DJ set equipment possible, and currently, that’s the Pioneer PLX-1000 professional turntable combined with a top-of-the-line two-channel mixer, such as the Pioneer DJM-S9.

Now considered the new standard for direct-drive turntables, the powerful PLX-1000 is designed to provide both the look and feel of old-school turntables in a familiar and user-friendly layout. To maximize its potential, you’ll want a mixer with a tough crossfader that can remain responsive even through rigorous use, which the DJM-S9 handily provides. Together, these two components will prove more than enough to help you hone your scratching skills.

Pioneer PLX-1000 + DJM-S9

Bundle with mixer, turntables, and cases. Designed to provide both the look and feel of old-school turntables in a familiar and user-friendly layout.


Which DJ Setup Is Best For You?

Aside from the type of DJ you consider yourself to be, your budget also plays a big part in deciding which equipment to add to your Pioneer DJ set. To help with that, the list above is actually arranged according to price points, as well as level of skill required, so you can check out current listings online to see which ones you can afford and utilize.

Ultimately, you’ll need to select DJ equipment that matches your style and where you want to progress next, as being a DJ is a fun and fulfilling adventure that can go as far as you want to take it. 

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