You can already imagine it: the jam-packed crowd dancing and cheering at every masterful drop and flawless transition to beats and rhythms crafted by your very hands.

Going from complete beginner to awesome DJ will involve a lot of practice, creativity and perseverance, but it all starts with one thing: getting that first piece of DJ gear. 

Learning how to DJ is so much easier these days since you can find plenty of resources on the web. Moreover, you can choose from numerous entry-level turntables, mixers, controllers, etc., solely intended for the aspiring novice DJ. 

If you’re starting with zero know-how, you can get a solid foundation built up by buying a Pioneer DJ equipment that’s ideal for beginners. 

Choose The Right Pioneer: DJ Equipment 

First off, you need to know what kind of gear you’ll need to start. There are different approaches to learning how to DJ, and each requires a different setup. You can go old school with dual turntables, a mixer, and some vinyl records, but frankly, you’ll spend less and progress much faster with modern technology.

At bare minimum, you actually only need three things to prepare a digital DJ setup, and you might find it surprising that you don’t have to buy so many devices just to get up and running. 

You’ll only need a decent laptop, over-the-ear headphones, and a two-channel mixer or controller. That’s it – you can add other gear later once you’re comfortable and ready for more. 

While you probably have the first two already, that last item needs a bit more consideration. Mixers or controllers are mainly used to create seamless transitions or creative mashups between two tracks, and they’re where you need to connect your laptop and headphones into. 

There are plenty of Pioneer DJ equipment and even more from other brands that can fill that role but all-in-one controllers like the Pioneer DJ DDJ 400, which companies designed for novice DJs, will be your safest bet.

Get The Basics Down With The Pioneer DJ DDJ 400

Pioneer created the DDJ-400 specifically for people learning how to DJ. It’s a DJ controller that combines all the things you can do with a turntable and a mixer into one device, along with even more customizations and features.

What makes the DDJ-400 great is that it comes with the Pioneer DJ Rekordbox software installed, which has a nifty tutorial mode that you can follow step-by-step to both learn the controls on your new gear and how to DJ. You’ll familiarize yourself on how to use your Pioneer DJ equipment and develop your skills at the same time.

Aside from that, the DDJ-400 is lightweight enough to be carried without hassle to a friend’s house to practice or for a party. Practicing on this Pioneer DJ controller will also prepare you for when you’re ready to perform at bigger venues, since the DDJ-400 uses the same control layout as the more professional offerings in the Pioneer DJ shop. You won’t have to relearn where the knobs and switches are, making the next step easier.

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-400)

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-400)

Now you can harness the features of Pioneer DJ Rekordbox.

The DDJ-400 comes with Pioneer DJ Rekordbox version 5.3, which now offers Track Suggestions. Once you’ve built up your library of tracks, Rekordbox can rank them in terms of how well they fit the current track you’re playing – whether they’re from the same era or genre, have a matching mood, or are by the same artist, label, etc. 

It’s a very useful tool that can help you in creating sets, and you’ll get the most out of your collection through its multiple sorting modes. 

Getting feedback on your DJ sets is important in finding areas of improvement and continuing to grow as a DJ. Rekordbox makes it simple to upload your sets to the web via Mixcloud or YouTube, and all tracks and timestamps are added automatically so your listeners can have a handy reference.

How you continue your learning journey depends on what style you’re comfortable with, but you won’t lack for guides and videos online. However, make sure that you get tips from DJs who already perform professionally, and if possible observe how they operate their Pioneer DJ equipment too, as these will become invaluable in leveling up your own skills. 

Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-400)

Club Style layout similar to that of the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2. With built in sound card with plug and play connectivity via USB cable.


Browse The Pioneer DJ Shop

Once you feel sufficiently adept at utilizing every feature on your starting DJ controller, it might be time to expand your setup with additional gear. It’s highly advantageous to stick with the same brand since you get full compatibility in terms of features, so if you do get the DDJ-400, check out the Pioneer DJ shop for your next upgrades.   

Learning how to DJ is a never-ending process: you’ll either be trying out new equipment, experimenting with different styles, or pushing the limits of your creativity. Start on the right pedal by choosing the optimal DJ gear for beginners.

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