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Even if you are a novice, having suitable equipment for what you want to do is essential. In this article, we discuss a couple of popular Pioneer DJ controller models, the Pioneer DJ DDJ SX3 and the Pioneer DJ DJM 350. We chose these two for their distinct difference from each other. You will see how, by using either unit, you can get the desired results, depending on your level of deejaying.

How are you going to identify which equipment is right for you? You can join the Pioneer DJ forum, to get appropriate support and advice. So, before we discuss specific Pioneer models, we’ll touch briefly on how you can benefit from the forum.  

Benefits Of Registering With The Pioneer DJ Forum

This forum created by Pioneer Corporation provides a platform for DJs who can address issues about pioneer equipment. Whether you are an entry-level DJ or veteran in the field, you can benefit from the information that is available there. If you are a newbie, then there is much that you can learn from the posts of experienced DJs. There is a lot of technical information added by Pioneer Corporation as well. Once you register with the Pioneer DJ forum, you will have access to all this information. You can also compare notes with other DJs and contribute as well, from your DJ experiences.

Apart from the above things, you can also address the company directly in matters of common interest, both good and bad. For instance, one member pulled up Pioneer for abandoning a product and not making it official. It goes without saying, of course, that you can also post what’s good about the company and its products on the forum.

These are the pages that you can find on the forum:

DJ products: The existing and new products are all listed on this page. Issues faced while using the products are discussed, and you can address Pioneer directly and expect a reply to particular queries. Software issues also feature in this section. The company may get in touch with you directly to address your concerns if any. Other members may also post comments to provide additional information.

Production instruments: This page is like an extension of the DJ products page, but focused on the operational aspect of the products. If someone faces a problem while using Pioneer equipment, they can post a query on the forum. Pioneer will respond with all sorts of troubleshooting solutions. There was even a notification about a stolen piece of equipment, where one member located the unit and flagged it up on the forum.

News: This section is a sort of press release page, which features new products and developments. The complete details of new products that are being launched appear here. It also features bulletins regarding existing products, if there is some information that needs to be passed on urgently to the users.  For example, there may be a system glitch which the company is investigating. Pioneer will post an advisory for users to follow during the interim period, for uninterrupted use.

Knowledge base: This page is a substantial collection of best practices for using Pioneer DJ equipment. It consists of articles and videos on how to configure and use their equipment. Of course, here as well there will be many discussion threads between other members. If you own or use Pioneer DJ equipment or are planning to acquire some, it is a good idea to visit this page to get accurate information.

Product FAQs: This informative page contains just about everything that you may want to know about Pioneer DJ equipment. All the information is listed model-wise for easy identification. Besides, you can view notifications in this section, and download manuals as per model. This is an excellent section of the Pioneer DJ forum to keep up-to-date with the technology that you are using.

Support: This page contains contact details of all the customer support centers from around the world. In case of any technical troubleshooting or other product-related issues, you can contact customer support of the concerned country. The link to the contact form is also provided here. You can even locate DJ training schools if any, in the various areas of each country by referring to this section.

Pioneer DDJ SX3 Highlights

Pioneer Highlights

The Pioneer DJ DDJ SX3 Highlights is a controller that lets you become the DJ that you always wanted to be. If you’re going to perform at clubs, parties, weddings, and other events, this controller will deliver the goods. You get the right kind of flexibility that you need while performing at public events. 

You can make seamless changeovers and transitions while using your laptop or getting inputs through any of the dual USB ports.

One of the first things you notice about this four-channel controller is the three-mic inputs. The Pioneer DJ DDJ SX3 is more powerful than its predecessor the DDJ-SX2. The dual USB ports are also a handy feature. There’s also a lot of scope for you to experiment with the standalone FX controls. So, you can go about trying different special effects combinations. Although the jogwheels don’t have onboard displays, it’s more than compensated with additional functionalities.

In the mixer section, the four channels, including Sound Color FX, are all standalone, which is rather neat. You can easily toggle between using the built-in software and USB inputs through the two USB ports with the flick of a switch.

There are a few subtle differences between the previous model and the Pioneer DJ DDJ SX3 . For instance, the sampler has been changed to a knob from being a slider in the previous one. The layout is also slightly altered from the previous model. However, between the two models, the basic features remain the same.

In conclusion, the Pioneer DJ DDJ SX3 controller is versatile, while providing you with all the features of Serato DJ Pro software at your fingertips. If you already have a more advanced Pioneer DJ controller model, you may not have so much to gain. However, if you have one of the many earlier models like DDJ-SB or DDJ-SR, you would be quite satisfied.

Pioneer DDJ SX3 Highlights

Flexible and versatile, this controller will help you impress listeners with your DJ skills. Four standalone channels, including Sound Color FX.


Pioneer DJ DJM 350 Highlights

Pioneer SX3 Highlights

Coming to the next Pioneer model that we highlight here, the Pioneer DJ DJM 350 is an entirely different package. Here, we focus on portability rather than features, but all within required limits. This model is one of the most compact Pioneer creations making it a “desktop” two-channel mixer. It takes into consideration all features of Pioneer Club standard consoles. Do not be put off by the size of this unit – it outdoes many of its older siblings in more ways than one!

The most distinguishing feature about this DJ mixer controller is the four unique effects. These effects are “Filter,” “Crush,” “Jet,” and “Gate,” which present some amazing possibilities by combining them.

Another impressive feature here is the USB storage device. This facility helps you make direct recordings to USB devices, even if you don’t have an external one. You can divert your recordings through a PC, laptop, or headphones to monitor them as required. The signal converts the signal from analog-to-digital, assuring you of crystal-clear, punchy sound to keep the party going on and on!

We hope that you have benefitted from reading this article. By using information from the Pioneer DJ forum, you can locate DJ equipment that is best suited for your purposes. You can venture forth in the exciting world of deejaying and become an expert in your chosen field.

Pioneer DJM 350 Highlights

Focused on portability, this device is one of the most compact Pioneer models. USB storage device with impressive capabilities.


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