Pioneer is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the manufacture of musical equipment that allows you to mimic the traditional DJ mixer and turntables. With most of these modern DJ controllers, you only need to connect them to your computer via USB. Pioneer DJ controllers or Pioneer Ergo DJ controllers have carved their own niche in the market as one of the best DJ controllers presently in existence.

This is largely owed to the software that Pioneer uses, as well as how easy it is to use, even for beginners. The manufacturer has also made sure to enable the equipment to accommodate a few other types of software, leaving room for you to try them out and decide which suits you and your craft best.

Pioneer Pro DJ Black WeGO4 Controller

Pioneer Pro DJ Black WeGO4 Controller

The Pioneer Pro DJ Black controller, also known as the Pioneer WeGO4, is what you would want if you are a beginner or if you want something you can haul easily. The controller is compact, although it comes with some features reserved for bigger and more elaborate controllers.

So, what are the features of the Pioneer Pro DJ Black controller?

This portable, 2 channel controller features 2 band EQ with filter knobs, browse and load controls, and not forgetting the master, microphone, and headphone volume knobs. There is also a ¼ inch microphone output, RCA master outputs, and a USB jack for lightning or USB on-the-go cable connection and another USB jack for laptop or power connection. For the headphones, you have a choice of a ¼” or 1/8” jack located on the side of the controller.

While the jogwheels are smaller than most, their performance and feel are solid. Under each jogwheel are four switchable hot cue and sampler buttons and transfer controls. On the top are loop controls, and each channel has 3 pad effect buttons.

At the top of the unit is a slot for docking your smartphone or your tablet. The controller works with DJ2 on Android and iOS, and for the iPhone or iPad, you can use Pioneer’s own WeDJ software. While using a PC with either Mac or Windows, it works seamlessly with Rekordbox (which comes bundled with the controller), Virtual DJ, or Traktor Pro 2.

One of the things that make this an ideal beginner controller is its compatibility with mobile phones and PCs, as well as its compatibility with a wide variety of DJ software. The size might not give you as much confidence as you would like, but don’t let that fool you as its performance is way above what it gives off at a glance.

The only thing you might not like is the wobbly pitch faders. Still, overall and especially when you are not decided on the platform you want to use, the Pioneer Pro Black DJ controller should definitely be on your list.

Pioneer Pro DJ Black WeGO4 Controller

Easy to connect by simply plugging the DDJ-WeGO4 into your PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone with a USB cable or lightning cable. Compatible with WeDJ Pioneer's easy-to-use DJ performance app for iPad.


The Pioneer DDJ SB2 DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ SB2 DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ SB2 DJ Controller makes it easy even for beginners to hit the decks. It comprises 4 decks, the Pad Trans beat effect, level meters, trim knobs, performance pads, and filter fades at a pocket-friendly price.

Just like many other modern controllers, the DDJ SB2 DJ Controller is powered by a USB cable connected to your computer. The device comes pre-installed with the Serato DJ Lite software, but you are free to upgrade it to Serato DJ Pro at your own pleasure. It is also compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems, thus making it user-friendly regardless of your OS.

When unboxing your new gadget, it is important to check for all its accompaniments. Each box of the controller comes with a user manual/ quick start guide,  warranty, a USB cable, and of course, the DDJ SB2.

Owing to its specifications and fairly reasonable dimensions, the DDJ SB2 is easily transported to your preferred location as it is very light. It has two 128 mm jog wheels, two channels, high and low filter knobs, manual and auto loop mode, slip mode, as well as the talk over function.

The DDJ SB2 has terminals, including one microphone output and a single USB port. The output comprises one master and two ¼ inch jack pins for your headphones.

DDJ SB2 DJ Controller

The DDJ-SB2 features large, low-latency jog wheels to give you great scratch response and accuracy.


Among the cooler features of the DDJ SB2 are:

Trim pots – There is one each at the top of each channel. These give you control over the loaded tracks’ level. While DJ software attempts to compensate for the difference in level between the tracks in the library, it doesn’t always work that well. Trim pots give you manual control so you can adjust the levels yourself.

Level meters – These are nothing essential, but it is always a treat when you can monitor channel levels. The multiple lighting also helps you monitor the levels better, even though the lack of a master output level meter leaves room for improvement.

Switching to decks 3 and 4 – You read that right! With the DDJ-SB2, you can switch to decks three and four by hitting a button.

Pads trans – This is an additional effect on the SB2 that was missing on the SB and that sounds like a gate effect. The four pads available for this effect have a different time value, starting from 1/32 to ¼ of a beat.

How To Use The DJ Controller

If you are just starting out as a DJ, and you are wondering how to use Pioneer DJ controllers or Pioneer Ergo DJ controllers, then you need not worry. Pioneer has numerous tutorials, including some on YouTube, for every controller they manufacture.

These step-by-step guides take you through all the features and functions, from loading tracks to mixing and different mixing strategies. As a beginner, starting out can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time to use the Pioneer DJ controller. It is even harder when you have a controller with more controls and functions than you have seen before.

With the Pioneer DJ YouTube channel, you can rest assured that learning how to use Pioneer DJ controller will be a breeze.


With the Pioneer DJ Controllers or Pioneer Ergo DJ controllers, you get the best value for your money through a device that guarantees next-level experience in your performance. These devices are beginner-friendly as they are incredibly easy to use. They also give you the ultimate DJ experience, whether you are a beginner or a pro, due to the incorporated features.

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