If you prefer using your iPad when mixing, you’ll love our list of iPad DJ controllers. For some time now, iPad DJ controllers have seen significant improvement, enabling you to work a crowd without carrying bulky equipment. These IOS-compatible DJ controllers have some advantages over the traditional controllers, including:

  • They also support use with Mac or PC, making them versatile.
  • They have evolved to become extremely fast and reliable.
  • Their hardware makes them less prone to crashes.
  • Their touchscreens enhance usability and give you more control.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it and find out which are the best iPad controllers.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4

Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4

For those looking for a highly flexible controller that comes in a compact and solid build, the WeGO4 Rekordbox DJ controller is a good place to start. One of the newer iterations in the WeGO family, the feature-packed WeGO4 works well with both IOS and Android devices. That’s why it tops our list of best iPad DJ controllers.

When running with a smart device, the WeGO4 runs the WeDJ mobile DJ-ing app or Algoriddim’s DJ software. On a Mac or PC, it turns into a Rekordbox DJ controller and is also compatible with Virtual DJ, if that’s what you prefer.

Given its compact design built for portability, the controls that wrap around the jog wheels might take some getting used to. Still, the WeGO4 packs features worthy of a Pioneer. It puts you on the pilot seat over the software you use, thanks to the controls, including samples, cues, FX, and loop.

An unusual feature that might be off-putting for some DJs is the jog wheel light show. Nevertheless, for DJs who like some visual feedback every now and then, it’s a feature you will quickly warm up to. On the mixer are two channels, with each having a 2 band EQ and a filter knob.

One feature that could be improved is the controller’s pitch fader, which is on the smaller side, making it nearly unusable.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Compact build, enhancing portability
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Comes with Rekordbox DJ license


  • Unusual design that takes getting used to
  • Jog wheel light show can be distracting
  • Minute pitch fader
Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4

Easy to connect by simply plugging the DDJ-WeGO4 into your PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone with a USB cable or Lightning cable. Compatible with WeDJ Pioneer's easy-to-use DJ performance app for iPad.


Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

Although the DDJ-200 is a compact Rekordbox DJ controller, the pro-style layout makes it one of the best iPad DJ controllers. This is also one of the most affordable controllers for those on a tight budget. However, the lower price means you have to compromise on some features. Some of the missing features include a built-in sound interface.

Like the WeGO4, the DDJ-200 Rekordbox DJ controller works with Rekordbox on Macs and PCs and Algoriddim’s DJ software and WeDJ on your iPad. As for connectivity, you can connect the controller to your smart device via Bluetooth and via USB cable if you are using it on your laptop. However, you will need a splitter to cue tracks on your headphone.

This Rekordbox controller is USB powered. The pitch faders are surprisingly large, while the jog wheels, mixer controls, and performance pads are quality. Overall, for what you pay, the DDJ-200 offers value for money.


  • Works with multiple DJ software and platforms
  • Big jog wheels and pitch faders
  • Eight performance pads on each deck
  • Simple design


  • Lacks an in-built sound interface
  • Limited onboard controls
Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

Smart phone compatible. Offers multi-app compatibility and support for Music streaming services. Tutorial and pop-hint features to help beginners.


Numark NV DJ Controller

Numark NV Controller

The Numark NV DJ controller is one of the more expensive iPad DJ controllers on our list. Although you’ll be shelling out more green if you decide to buy this controller, you should also be expecting some heavy-hitting features and functions. The Numark controller borrows some of its styling and function from the NS6 and the NS 7 II.

The first thing that hits you right off the bat is its dual screens above each jog wheel. With these screens, you can concentrate more on lighting up the party than on your computer screen. The screens allow you to monitor the status of the playing tracks, effects, hot cues, song navigation, and waveforms, among others, without taking your eyes off the control.

The controller features highly responsive and touch-sensitive controls for enhanced performance. The filter knobs, EQ, and FX respond to touch, twisting, or both. If you are a trigger-happy chap, the controller has 8 performance pads under each jog wheel that are all backlit with RGB lighting. This allows you to intuitively gain control of sampling, slicing, looping, or hot cueing with relative ease.

With the bundled Serato DJ, you have access to 4 decks, giving you even more functionality for those intensive parties. The low-profile design and the all-plastic build make the Numark NV DJ controller an easily portable unit.


  • Dual screens allow you to mix without taking your eyes off the controller
  • Gives you access to 4 decks
  • Lightweight
  • Highly sensitive controls for enhanced functionality


  • Pricier than other iPad DJ controllers
  • Plastic build makes it seem flimsy
Numark NV Controller

Revolutionary dual-screen controller for professional DJs ready to keep laptop out of sight. Integrated display screens let you focus on music and crowd, not the computer, during performance.


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3

If you are looking for a premium-grade controller that you can use with your PC, as well as with your IOS-powered devices, the Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 fits that bill. The best of the S4 starts with the jog wheels’ haptic feedback. What this means is that loop markers and cue points are transmitted directly to your fingertips.

Like the Numark NV, the S4 Mk3 keeps you focused on the deck, thanks to the visual displays, including an LED ring around the jog wheels. There are 8 RGB backlit performance pads on each deck, and with Traktor’s famed tempo-synced FX, you have access to over 40 effects, including flangers, beatmasher, bitcrushers, and LaserSlicer.

For connectivity, you get XLR and RCA out, and two microphone inputs, namely, a ¼” TRS and a combo ¼” TRS/XLR, among others. You also get booth out control and crossfader control. The hardware quality is top-notch, making this controller worth every penny you spend buying it.

Finally, you get a turntable mode where spinning the jog speeds up or slows down the track when you are in jog mode. In Beatgrid mode, you can use the jog wheel to manually adjust a track’s beatgrid.


  • Haptic jog wheel feedback
  • Backlit performance pads
  • Numerous controls and features
  • Solid and sturdy build


  • Not beginner-friendly, with so many controls
  • Pricy
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3

New large motorized jog wheels with haptic feedback in three modes: Feel a 'click' for cue points and loops when scrolling through tracks. RGB LED Ring surrounding each jog wheel visualizes deck rotation.


Now that you have a list of DJ controllers that are compatible with your iPad, you can start mixing or learning on-the-go. Our list gives you a place to start, although it is not exhaustive. You can also check out our other reviews of the best beginner DJ controllers.

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