The variety of equipment DJs employ in mixing music and crafting sets can be daunting for someone wanting to get into the biz. Hearing terms like mixers and controllers and turntables can add further confusion if you don’t research them or ask a pro, but you can ease your way into becoming a DJ simply by getting a full setup that’s configured for newbies.

That’s right; there are plenty of DJ equipment packages for beginners available online to get you started. As they’re designed to be standalone setups that don’t require additional gear, you won’t have to worry about missing or incompatible devices. You can simply plug it in and get right on it, and in some cases, you can even follow a tutorial! So what is the best DJ equipment for beginners?

Best DJ Equipment For Beginners CHEAP

So what exactly qualifies a package to be great for aspiring DJs? Well, they’d have to be simplified enough so that users can grasp the basics. It would also make more sense to go for affordable offers, since it would be better to spend more on a professional rig when you reach that level. That’s why we looked at where you can get DJ equipment for beginners cheap.

Here are our top picks for top DJ equipment packages for beginners:

Hercules DJStarter Kit

Hercules DJStarter Kit

The Hercules DJStarter Kit has everything you’ll need to start learning how to DJ. This package contains:

  1. A DJ controller (DJControl Starlight)
  2. Two monitoring speakers
  3. Over-the-ear headphones
  4. DJ software (Serato DJ Lite)

DJControl Starlight is a compact, lightweight controller designed for beginners. You can learn how to scratch records on its touch-sensitive jog wheels and utilize a full range of sound effects and transitions through its simplified control layout. The programmable lighting under its base also helps you stay on beat when you mix, giving you visual reminders so you don’t miss your cues.

Serato DJ Lite can introduce you to both the basics of mixing and to your new DJ controller with a handy tutorial feature. The package also includes a 60-day free membership to BPM Supreme, so you can build up your track library from the get-go.

With two high-end speakers and sound-isolating headphones, you’ll be able to practice with a full setup. And once you’re ready, you can go straight to DJing house parties with no other additional purchases.

Hercules DJStarter Kit

2-deck DJ controller with built-in audio 2 x 15W RMS active speakers to mix at home. Serato DJ Lite DJ software for PC/Mac included.


Numark Party Mix Bundle

Numark Party Mix Bundle

This Numark Bundle has all the essential gear you need to go from learning how to DJ to actually wowing a crowd with a cool light show synced to your mix. It contains:

  1. A DJ controller (Numark Party Mix)
  2. Over-the-ear headphones (Samson SR350)
  3. Dual TS to RCA cable

Considered one of the best DJ controllers for beginners, the Numark Party Mix is jam-packed with all the features and controls you might need in learning how to DJ. Practice sampling and looping through eight programmable pads split between the left and right decks, and mix tracks with the Crossfader and a variety of knobs in the master section in the middle. 

There’s virtually no setup needed as it’s plug-and-play and will work with both PC and Mac laptops. Included are two DJ software choices so you can take your pick on which one suits your style better: Serato DJ Lite or Virtual DJ LE. Both can easily sync with your iTunes account so you can access your music tracks easily.

Plus, the Numark Party Mix adds some extra oomph to your performance: at its back are three light arrays that will flash in time with your beats, letting you build up even more hype for any party.

Numark Party Mix Bundle

This Photo4Less Top Value Numark Bundle Includes: Numark Party Mix – Starter DJ Controller with Built-In Sound Card & Light Show, and DJ Software Included for Download. Includes Samson SR350 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones.


Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Bundle

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Bundle

Start entertaining your friends and family with this handy bundle from Pioneer DJ. You get:

  1. A DJ controller (Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3)
  2. Adjustable laptop stand
  3. Over-the-ear headphones

Pioneer DJ upgraded their popular DDJ-SB2 with this new version to welcome new DJs into the fold with intuitive controls that are laid out similar to professional machines. You’ll easily find the needed knob or dial where it feels natural, so you can focus on mixing.

Learn how to scratch even without turntables using its Pad Scratch feature on its large, responsive jog wheels. Blend tracks seamlessly using its FX Fade feature that lets you add effects to smooth out transitions, even if those tracks belong in different genres. With eight performance pads per deck, you get plenty of options to get creative with your playlists.

As an entry-level Serato DJ controller, the DDJ-SB3 comes with Serato DJ Lite so you can get started right away. You can also get your setup prepped neatly and securely using the included durable laptop stand that you can adjust to your preferences. 

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Bundle

Portable design for easy transportation, with an on-board Serato sound card. Clear audio through mic input, even at high input levels.


DJ Equipment For Beginners LAPTOPS

In case it wasn’t clear, you’ll need a preferably lightweight laptop to use any of the bundles above. It’s where you need to install the DJ software they come with, and it’s also where you’ll amass tracks into your music collection. A laptop, DJ controller, and over-the-ear headphones are essentially all you need to start learning how to DJ, and thankfully, all of these bundles already come with the latter two. 

As to which dj equipment for beginners laptop to use, you can stick with the de facto choice for most DJs and musicians, the Apple MacBook Pro. There’s no denying that MacOS is simply top notch for professional music production, as it’s fast and powerful even with thousands of tracks in your music library. It makes even more sense if you already have an iTunes account packed with records you’re dying to mix. 

However, if you prefer a Windows platform, the slim and portable Surface Pro laptop/tablet will make a great choice. It’s a flexible computer that you’ll likely use outside of DJing but it has all the necessary connections to plug all your equipment into. 

Other DJ Equipment You Might Need

Modern digital technology has really made learning how to DJ easy. With just three pieces of equipment, you’ll have all you need to start, but it doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to them. 

Getting a good set of stereo speakers will let you simulate what the crowd hears while you get the next track in your set ready. If you opted for bigger or heavier equipment than the portable ones listed here, protecting your investment with sturdy cases and mounts is a good idea.

What about turntables and mixers, you might ask? While you can also traverse the more traditional route of vinyl records and such, it’s much simpler to get the basics down with just a DJ controller as it packs all the relevant features of those two into one machine, making it the perfect starting point when looking for DJ equipment packages for beginners. It’s recommended to experiment with those other DJ gear later once you’re truly comfortable mixing and scratching.

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