Do you love music and enjoy putting together your own playlists? Are you looking to add a twist to your favorite music and experiment with different soundtracks? This is a review of the best DJ controller for beginners that is trending in the market and at an affordable price for you!

Beginning your Deejaying journey is hectic enough without having to add the hassle it takes to get a reliable DJ controller mixer to practice and perfect your skills on. This coupled with the fact that you’re new in the world flooded with gadgets and opinions from different people can be a stressful affair without a trusted guiding hand on your way to becoming a pro.

As a beginner, there are several considerations to take into account when going to shop for your first DJ controller mixer. These include:

Budget: as a beginner, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the wrong equipment or equipment that is too advanced. This is why it’s important to consider your budget as you go shopping. Be sure to stick to it and do enough research to make sure you get a DJ controller that will work best for you in your journey. Luckily, the best DJ controller for beginners comes at pocket-friendly prices.

 Software: it is important to consider the software that runs on whatever gadget you choose to begin your journey with. This is because some DJ controllers in the market have specific software that they use. It is advisable for a beginner to buy a gadget that can run on universal DJ software available for when you don’t have the opportunity to use your own system at a gig. Software compatibility is crucial in helping you nurture your raw talent. Universal controller software is easy to get, and it saves you money.

Functions: before going to shop for the best DJ controller for beginners, it is essential that you consider the functions you need. These include external functions such as knobs, sliders, performance pads and audio interfaces. Also, consider your style as you may have to work with this gadget for a while before you move on to a more advanced and sophisticated controller.

Difference Between A DJ Controller And A DJ controller Mixer

The DJ controller is often confused with the DJ controller mixer; the all in one DJ controller features transport controls for the decks, volume, speed, and equalizers. Attached to a laptop running on basic DJ software, the modern mixer uses record decks or a sound card for inputs.

There are many components found on mixers that are not incorporated into the DJ controller. This makes the mixer a top pick for most DJs. However, DJ controller mixers can be more expensive than an all in one controller depending on the quality and advanced elements they incorporate.

In this article will focus on the Pioneer ddjsr Pro DJ controller which has been rated as the best DJ controller for beginners of its kind.

Pioneer DDJSR Pro DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJSR Pro DJ Controller

The Pioneer ddjsr Pro DJ Controller is an all in one DJ controller that has proven its worth as one of the best DJ controller for starters. If well taken care of, the gadget will give you a long and fruitful service. It also allows for the growth of your skills in your journey to becoming a pro DJ due to its flexible complexity and function.

Powered by a single USB cable, the Pioneer ddjsr Pro Controller is made easily portable and fits perfectly at a house party or in a club. The four-deck best DJ controller for beginners comes equipped with a full package of Serato DJ and has two channels. It can also use other DJ software such as Traktor, Virtual DJ, and Cross DJ.

This all in one DJ controller mixer is completely reliable and has four decks with buttons to help you enable them separately. It has the ability to perform at its maximum in all functions without disappointing your audience.

DDJSR Pro DJ Controller

16 performance pads provide hot cue, roll, slicer and sampler functions. For precise scratching and mixing capabilities.


The Layout 

Below we look at the major features of the DDJ-SR controller.

Jog Wheels

With 6” jog wheels, the pioneer ddjsr Pro Controller makes scratching a mind-blowing and extremely easy experience for any DJ. This is because the width of the jog coupled with their thick build which raises them above the faceplate allowing for enough surface area to enable scratching. They also have adequate resistance as you work them, giving you the ultimate and old fashioned turntable experience.

Channel Mixer/ Controller

This can also be referred to as the equalizer (EQ) section. It comprises rubber knobs for a standard equalizing format as well as a filter knob. These equalizers and filters work to control your software parameters when engaged. The section also has other knobs for sampler volume, a master level, and headphones mix. The rubber material which makes up the knobs gives a firm grip for easy operation when using this all in one controller.

Performance Pads

The Pioneer ddjsr Pro Controller has incorporated Pad Plus mode in its build. This mode incorporates function buttons such as Hot Cue Roll, Sampler Roll, Trans, Combo Fx, and Slicer. These pads are backlit for ease of use and make your Deejaying experience lively and fun as you juggle through them. The pads also function to make your performance a success.

Loop And Transport Section

For each deck, this section is composed of the sync, cue and play or pause buttons found on the left side of the performance pads. The loop section has parameter buttons and a beat length display.

Faders And Meters

As a beginner on this journey, it is important to know when and how to use faders. Faders should be used to tease the next track on your playlist. The Pioneer ddjsr suits this first step as it has faders at the front of the unit. It also has a reverse switch for the faders.

To allow you to view your master output level or levels in either of the two channels, the gadget has a well-appointed meter at the center.


Few controllers are as versatile as the DDJ-SR when it comes to connectivity options. If you are just starting out as a learning DJ, sooner rather than later, you will understand how essential multiple connectivity options are for you. With these options, you are not limited to the amount or type of external outputs you can pair with your controller.

The Pioneer DDJ-SR has more than enough of these connectivity options to keep you smiling regardless of the venue you are playing at. While top-tier controllers have even more features, those available in this controller are more than enough for starters.

So, what options do you have when it comes to connecting external gear to the DDJ-SR other than to your PC?

For starters, the rear hosts two ¼” jacks for the master output. You will also find two RCA jacks and an extra pair of ¼” booth output jacks. The same rear features a volume knob and a USB port. If you want to connect an external audio device – a pair of RCA auxiliary inputs have you covered. Here, you also have the option to set the booth output to be your master out using a switch.

But the connectivity options don’t end at the back! On the front of this controller, you will find additional connectivity ports. These include a standard ¼” headphone jack. For consumer-grade headphones, the interface also features a smaller 1/8” headphone jack. Last, if you fancy hooking up a microphone to your deejaying rig, there is a ¼” microphone jack complete with a volume knob.

Build Quality

One of the reasons that make the Pioneer DDJ-SR an ideal beginner DJ controller is its design. The clear labeling of all the functions and essential shift layers on the unit make it easy for beginners to pick it up fast.

The build is a hybrid mix of metal and plastic. With this mix, the controller can easily withstand the rigors of heavy DJ performance. While there are those that would prefer a full-metal build, we actually like the hybrid style as it makes the controller lighter than the likes of the Denon MC6000 mk2 which is fully made of metal. The plastic used to make the units structure is light yet hard enough to feel solid and sturdy.

What’s Missing?

Because the DDJ-SR is smaller than other controllers such as the DDJ-SX, there are a few bells and whistles missing. The first one is the lack of needle search touch strips. You won’t also find a center LED ring on the jog wheels to display the play position. If you want separate metering on each channel, the DDJ-SR doesn’t have that function either.

Final Thoughts

The performance of the Pioneer DDJ-SR Pro DJ controller is impressive to say the least. While it doesn’t have as many features and functionalities as on other high-end controllers the DDJ-SR is no slouch. Pioneer might not have loaded countless features on it, but that doesn’t mean they cut any corners.

Instead, you get a solid performer all-round. Powered by an USB cable, you only need to plug it in and you are good to go. The USB cable power also makes it one of the best portable controllers for a beginner as you don’t need to carry a separate power source.

Some things we would have loved to see include multi-colored back-lit pads, a Crossfader that you can replace yourself, or longer meters in the mixer section. If you are looking for a portable beginner yet professional controller you can use at home, in a club, or in a live event, the DDJ-SR ticks all the right boxes.

It also helps that the refinement Pioneer put in this controller is a winner. The larger jog wheels are more elegant and the eight performance pads increase functionality making this a highly capable controller.

Considering what you pay to get all the features that come with this controller, it really is a steal. The DDJ-SR qualifies as a beginner or mid-tier controller so once you get this, you only have to upgrade if you want a top-spec unit and have the money to splurge on one.

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